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Carbon emissions saved



Water Harvested

Kilo Liters




Energy Saved and harvested

Our Little Achievement

5,09,198 Kilo Liters, Water Harvested
8,31,315 Units, Energy Saved and harvested
6,45,244 Kgs, Carbon emissions saved

Still a Long Way To Go



Our Projects & Testimonials

  • Phenomenal Team.

    I am very proud to say that mine was the first SRTPV grid tied solar system that Sunil and his very competent team have commissioned, though this testimonial is way too late from my side (its close to 1 year now really). I must say how competent a...

    Ramkumar Radhakrishnan
    March 06,2016
    Great Job by the team

    We have installed a 5KW hybrid solar PV system at our office with net metering. We now get uninterrupted power supply.This is a rather complex but very useful installation. Complex because net metering requires government approvals to be able to s...

    Vivekananda Pani ;Managing Director
    Reverie Language Technologies
    Great Job

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the speed, dedication and diligence with which you have worked to get the job completed (Solar installation). I am very happy with the work and would definitely recommend you to ...

    Suhas Kulhalli
    Linger, Chettimani, Bhagamandala 09-07-2015

    The impression I'm left with throughout the interaction - from design to implementation of our solar setup - is that Sunil and team know what they are doing, are willing to extend themselves for what's new and experimental (transparently so) and w...

    Sameer Shisodia
    Sraddha Gardenia Apartments, Rahath Bagh, Sir CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore 560093 06-01-2015

    I got to know about Hinren Technologies through my friend - they had provided rain-water harvesting solution for his apartment complex in RT Nagar Bangalore. We (at Sraddha Gardenia Apartments, CV Raman Nagar) faced acute water problem since 2009,...

    Sathyanarayan B
    Arikere; Bangalore.

    Many parts of Bengaluru are reeling under water crisis which worsens even further during summers. Arikere, a residential extension on Bannerghatta road in south Bengaluru is also facing a similar situation. My house is in Arikere and I thought of ...

    Pooja Ghosh
    Bindiya Residency, Bangalore

    We at Bindiya Residency Apartments (24th Main, J P Nagar 6th Phase) are very happy with the Rain Water Harvesting System installed here. We had requested more than 35 companies to give suitable offer for our apartments, but we found the system off...

    U.K Sharma
    Krystal agate and jasper, Bangalore

    I am very satisfied with the work done by the team. Work was completed as per the plan well in time.


    Had gotten rainwater harvesting a few months back, Mr Sunil was more than helpful and pretty involved in suggesting really required ones to be done during the feasibility study. The plumber that he engages is a nice chap, he does every job very ne...

    Ramkumar Radhakrishna
    Begur, Bangalore

    Very happy with the expert design, professional execution and skilled workmanship from HinRen Technologies.

    Praveen Sachwani
    Mahaveer classic apartments, Bangalore

    Excellent work done and thanks for helping us to save rain water and on pumping cost

    Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore

    The rainwater harvesting that you installed is working very well. It has been more than one year and it has helped us save good amount of water. In rainy season, we hardly use corporation water.We keep it off and use rainwater 99% of the time. You...

    Dr. K. Subramanian
    Basavanagudi, Bangalore

    We are happy with the quality of work carried out in implementing the rooftop rainwater harvesting and ground water recharge at our residence in Basavanagudi. I would also like to thank you for the timely monitoring and supervision which has playe...

    Harish Swamy
    Sri Guru Residency, Bangalore

    We are proud to share that we have one of the best RWH (Rain Water Harvesting) method implemented in our apartment premises. Thanks to Hinren Technologies who came up with the best possible solution to harvest every drop of water and kudos to thei...

    Ravi Kumar Raju
    Sherwood Apartments, Bangalore

    Kaggadasapura like many other areas in Bangalore is heavily dependant on borewells which are fast drying up. Realizing this we at Sherwood Apartments decided to implenet rain water harvesting. Getting in touch with Sunil and HinRen proved to be th...

    Amol Kakhandki
    Kottanur Dinne, Bangalore

    I am happy to see my sump getting filled up in no time and I am able to divert the water to the ground water recharge as well. The installation has been a success. Thanks for your efforts.

    Atanu Raychaudhuri
    Sumukha Apartments, Bangalore

    We, the residents of Sumukha Apartments , decided to go in for RWH mainly to comply with regulations. But after seeing it work to our benefit we are glad we had the system installed. It has definitely increased the availability of water for the re...

    S Murali
    Shriram Samruddhi, Bangalore

    We found Hinren technologies team to be technically better & professional when compared to the other vendors we considered. We executed the work in two phases. Both the phases were executed as per the schedule. The hinren team provided the nec...

    Siva Prasad
    Garadi Apartments, Bangalore

    Water flow from the overflow drain to Recharge well is excellent and it fills up very quickly. System appears to be efficient and must surely be beneficial to the borewell adjacent to it.

    Ramnath Cowsik
    Madhuban Brindavan Apartment,Bangalore

    Hinren technologies implemented the Rain water Harvesting (RWH) system in our apartment complex- Madhuban Brindavan in 2010. Sunil (Director & CEO, Hinren) managed the project end to end for us and he was meticulous in planning and execution. ...

    Nithin Shenoy
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