Off-Grid Solutions

It is the only solution for areas where state power grid is inaccessible or unfeasible. That is producing 100% electricity by the solar system in a clean and sustainable manner. This comes with a thought of never paying another electricity bill, and no suffering from grid blackouts.

An off grid unit can be a single light or can run into many kilo watts. Off grid units or power plants invariably has battery banks to store energy. The power plants are designed and configured to service the loads directly by sun power during the sunshine hours. The excess energy will charge the battery bank. The energy stored in the battery bank is used during the non-sun shine hours to power the loads. The quality of power will be generally better than state grid power since latter has many distortions. With the fall in battery prices and rapid advancement in battery technology, off-grid solutions are proving more feasible and profitable. It is predicted that very soon off grid solar power will be economically on par with grid power (Grid parity).

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