Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps works on Air conditioning Vapour compression cycle and consists of typical components of a chiller - namely Compressor, Condensor, Expansion device and evaporator.

1. Our Heat pumps can generate water upto 90 to 95 deg C and hence we can maintain the process temperature upto 80 deg C.

2. The heat pumps consumes only 30 to 35% of electrical energy compared to a standard electrical heater and gives 3 times the output as heat energy, thereby saving around 70% of electricity.

3. It runs on electricity and is right solution for the non solar hour operations. The combination of Solar Thermal + Heat pump will enable the customer to have 24/7 uninterrupted heat energy without depending on their boiler.

4. The most attractive part of the heat pump is the pay back period, which is around 1 year (for 24/7 operations) compared to electrical heaters.

5. The by product of heat pump is free cold air or cold water. If the customer uses the cold water, then the COP of heat pump will increase upto 6.

We are specialized in giving tailor made solutions suiting to your requirement apart from the available standard solutions. Some of the applications of our Solar thermal systems are

Smart Canteen solutions –

• We have innovative design to supply hot water at constant temperature throughout the day up to 90 deg C.

Industrial Heating solutions –

• Heat pump for Industrial Washing machines: Our Heat Pumps will save 70% of your electrical energy against your electrical heaters in case of industrial washing machines etc.

• Boiler feed water - Our boiler feed water solution helps you to achieve feed water temperature up to 80-90 deg C at Zero running cost using our latest Solar ETC Modules with a life time of 25 years.

• Hot water for any process heating, Pretreatment plants etc.

• We can also provide you solution for pressurized hot water / steam above 120 deg C using thermic fluid run solar thermal system


  • For cooking
  • For Handwash/Platewash.
  • For Boiler Feed water.
  • For process heating (indirect heating).