Our Philosophy

Look no beyond your roof is the guiding philosophy of Hinren technologies. We strongly believe that our rooftop receives enough water by rainfall and enough light and heat from the Sun to meet our energy and water needs.

The problem however is a sound and well-engineered method/solution to harness this energy and water in a safe and sustainable manner. At Hinren technologies we are set out to exactly bridge this gap.

Being a growing organization, we are looking for people who can share the vision of the team and make it stronger by contributing to its goals. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who can individually drive the team’s goal.

Our solutions are engineered towards helping individuals , businesses and communities harness the full potential of the abundant water and energy that is available on their rooftop and in immediate neighborhoods in a safe and sustainable manner.

We strongly believe that de-centralization is the way forward and decentralization of energy and water supply can go a long way in energy efficiency and sustainable and equitable development of our society.