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Grid Tied Rooftop Solar PV System Policies in States

Rooftop Solar Photovolatic (PV) Rooftop Power System can be configured in following ways:



  • Grid Tied Solar Rooftop PV (SRTPV) System
  • Off-Grid / Stand Alone Rooftop PV System
  • Grid-Interactive Solar Rooftop PV System also known as Hybrid System

As the name suggests, Grid Tied SRTPV system is interfaced with the power utility grid, where, Solar PV system takes the first priority to run the loads. The excess power, if generated will be exported to the power grid. In case of deficit of solar power, the differential power is drawn from the power grid. The difference of energy is measured by connecting a Net-Meter or a bi-directional meter to this system. This type of configuration is generally called a “Net Metering”. The owner of this kind of power plants can generate his or her own electrical power and also sell the excess power to the power grid.

A slight modification of net metering system is the “Gross metering system”.  In this system, the power produced from the rooftop solar power plant is completely fed into the state power utility grid.  The owner of such plants sells all the power generated to the grid and buys power from the grid for his domestic/industrial demand.

In both cases, the prevailing power tariff and the feed-in tariff determines the economics of the power plant.

Meters that can be connected to the Solar PV system are:

  • Gross Meter
  • Net Meter (also known as Bi-directional Meter)

Even though there are many configurations for solar rooftop power systems, Grid Tied SRTPV systems with Net Metering have gained momentum and popularity mainly in urban areas.

The list of states in India that have implemented Gross Metering and/or Net Metering policy are: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Odisha, Rajasthan, Kerala, Manipur, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Union Territories. Other states are likely to follow suit shortly.

All the relevant information on net metering/Gross metering of different states have been copiled for easy access and reference. Please click here for the information. We will try and update this table as often as possible with latest policy updates and additions.

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